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Lyndi Lou Curtis Elsa

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Lyndi Lou is a tattoo artist residing in Louisville, KY.  She's the cofounder of Louisville Zombie Attack, which last year (the 6th annual) won the Guinness World Record for most "zombies" at one event (6,542).  She's been a participant in Louisville's art scene for thirteen years, including: • Graphic designer for Louisville Is For Lovers LLC (6 yrs) • Featured artist at Last Call Film Fest (3 yrs) • Illustration for two independent press books • Murals in local record shops and homes • Freelance design for local bands and music fests • Special Effects, horror make up, and set design for the Monsters Of Folk Halloween show • Still photographer for two indie movies • Member of The Artist League Of Louisville • Special effects for local theater productions Most favorite moment involving art: The first time I sold a painting I had no idea what to do.  I literally asked the buyer, "What do I do now?" Least favorite moment involving art: Running from cops and hiding in a bar's walk-in cooler for three hours after being spotted spray painting. Visit Lyndi Lou Curtis's Website »