Montana Skatepark Tax ID #: 82-0583110

Based on the MSA’s experience with the Missoula skatepark project (MOBASH), we have witnessed, first hand, the positive impact of a free skatepark. These facilities have the ability to bring members of a community together regardless of age, gender, ability and/or financial means. Every dollar donated helps make this possible and as a 501(c)3 non-profit, all contributions to the MSA are tax deductible.

Please contact the Montana Skatepark Association to discuss how you’d like to offer your support.

MSA Donors

Vitalogy Foundation

Montana Pool Service

Tony Hawk Foundation

The Lennox Foundation

First Interstate Bank

Cynical and Jaded Software Entrepreneurs

Harbor Foundation

Colin Heffernan Memorial Fund

The Cabin Foundation


Since 2006, the MSA has helped build over twenty skateparks in the state of Montana. Working with Montana Pool Service, the MSA has been able to add street features to new projects featuring a bowl designed by Jeff Ament.

Where We Have Been


Help support the MSA and show your support of Jeff Ament’s Army (JAA), a division of the Montana Skatepark Association. Stickers, t-shirts, posters…so many choices.


The Montana Skatepark Association helps Montana communities establish skateboard parks and skateboard program development with the goal of creating additional recreational opportunities and positive alternatives for its residents and underprivileged youth.