About the Montana Skatepark Association

The Montana Skatepark Association (MSA) is a growing organization of people who have recognized the value that free skateparks provide to communities in the state of Montana. We feel that skateboarding is a healthy, recreational activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages both as participants and as spectators. Skateboarding equipment is inexpensive and the facilities, once built, require very little maintenance.

MSA Overview ImageSince 2000, the MSA has grown into a professional, experienced and committed organization providing support, consulting and grant-based financing for Montana communities who are looking to expand their recreational opportunities. We are 100% volunteer based and every dollar that comes into our organization is spent on building skateparks and skateboarding communities.

Please read our history to get an idea of how we came to be and where we are headed. If you are a representative of a community in Montana that is considering the addition of a skatepark or adding programming to an existing park, please contact us.

We’re here to help.