Missoula Redevelopment Agency – Ellen Buchanan, Director

“I am writing on behalf of the Missoula Skatepark Association. I have worked with this energetic group of young folks for the last several years as they planned, raised funds for, and built an amazing new skatepark for Missoula. I do not believe that I have ever worked with a more creative and enthusiastic organization in my career.” read more…

Parent of a 5 year-old skateboarder – Tristan Flint, President, Computer ER, Inc.

“The intent of this letter is to give a glowing recommendation to the Missoula Skatepark Association and all of its board members. Growing up skating in the early eighties, both my husband and myself were very excited to see the grassroots effort it took by some enthusiastic skaters to put
the Missoula Skatepark together.”  read more…

The Skate Ignatius Project – Kristie Nerby, Project Coordinator

“My name is Kristie Nerby and I am the Project Coordinator for The Skate Ignatius Project. We are a grassroots, all-volunteer group, working to build a skatepark in the Town of St. Ignatius, population 800. Our town is located 40 miles north of Missoula on the Flathead Indian Reservation. The Skate Ignatius Skatepark is being built in 2 phases, with Phase I having been completed last summer.  We have a big fundraising push ahead of us to complete Phase II, but we are undaunted, as we know that the Missoula Skatepark Association has our back.” read more…

Professional Skateboarder & Teacher – Kim Petersen

“During my years as a professional skateboarder I have been inspired by many things, but nothing has inspired me more than the the Missoula Skatepark Association. Our skatepark is a beloved and very special place. A place where we all take ownership and responsibility for ourselves and our community. As a teacher in Missoula, the Missoula Skatepark Association has provided my students a wonderful local example of teamwork, perseverance and success. We can all keep dreaming our dreams because we see that anything is possible. Thanks guys.”

Skateboarder & Musician – Jeff Ament

“The Missoula skatepark is one of the great success stories I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. It started out as a dream to a handful of local skaters and after six years of organizing, fundraising and hard work, we have a world class skateboard park in the heart of the incredible river and trail system in downtown Missoula. There’s no better feeling than stopping by for a late night summer skate and seeing the park packed.”