December 21, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

MRA LogoI am writing on behalf of the Missoula Skatepark Association. I have worked with this energetic group of young folks for the last several years as they planned, raised funds for, and built an amazing new skatepark for Missoula. I do not believe that I have ever worked with a more creative and enthusiastic organization in my career. There were many people who doubted that they could successfully complete such a large and complex project. They were able to engage one of the top design firms in the nation, generate a great deal of community input into the process, raise the funds to build the park, and negotiate the maze of bureaucracy involved in building a skatepark in a City park and having the City take ownership of it.

They were so impressive in their approach to fundraising that much more mature organizations continue to be in awe of the effort. They were extremely professional when they needed to be and as unconventional as necessary in order to be successful. They made numerous presentations to the MRA Board and others and were always very well received. And, if building and financing the skatepark was not enough, they pulled off what may well be the biggest grand opening in Missoula’s history.

MSA is a model for any organization trying to build a project with grassroots support. They have been a pleasure to work with and I hope we will be able to repeat the experience with another project in a different part of town.


Ellen Buchanan, Director