Imagine spending an entire week in the woods near Mt. Hood, Oregon at one of the world’s best skate camps, where your days are filled with skateboarding, having fun, laughing, and connecting with other skaters from all over the place … It’s like a dream come true!

As part of its 2nd Annual Madness in the Mountains Fundraiser and Skate Challenge, The MSA is proud to partner with SEEK Skate Camps to be able to offer this camp experience – free of charge – for two lucky youths and one lucky adult. We are offering these opportunities on a nomination basis, meaning that the winners must be nominated by someone besides themselves. If you know someone who is a worthy candidate and loves skateboarding, please fill out the form below.

The MSA will be considering all nominees and will select a winner by May 31, 2024. When ready, we will contact the nominee and nominator (you) to let both know that they have been selected.

To see the dates of the youth and adult camps SEEK offers, please visit their site here.