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Marc Moss Love is Real

Marc Moss's Bio

Marc Moss is an assemblage artist living and working in Missoula, MT. Hailing from The Rust Belt near Akron, OH, he has been long fascinated with old, derelict things. Marc spends his time in front of a computer, finding bugs as they scurry through lines and lines of code.  He has recently been experimenting with the medium of encaustic painting, his deck this year a result of that experimentation. Artist Statement Love has so many layers. Some of them obscure each other as they overlap and intertwine.  Love is translucent and transcendent.  It is with this in mind that I present to you "Love is Real," a many-layered, many-textured encaustic painting for my contribution to On Deck VI. Making this deck was a lot of fun, and it does not look anything like the initial sketches I had for it. I hope you enjoy it. Visit Marc Moss's Website »