Lucas Cleaver - Eulogy for a Skateboard

Lucas Cleaver Eulogy for a Skateboard

Lucas Cleaver's Bio

I suppose I was in one of those self-reflective, American, corporate product consuming sheep moments when I thought up this one. One day I wondered how many trees I have thrashed, trashed and laid to waste for the sake of skateboarding. Then I started thinking about all the skateboards that have been used and discarded like old cheese. I got sad thinking about all the setups I've seen out in the rain, baking away to splinters in the sun or simply abandoned at the roadside. Even sadder still all the boards collecting dust in a closet somewhere, once a tree, growing free in a forest, now a broken, motionless, piece of lumber in a dark place. So I made this for all the ill fated trees that become skateboards and for skateboarders to think about all the work and strain that goes into keeping you stoked to shred on fresh wood. It don't come easy and it might not last forever. Visit Lucas Cleaver's Website »