Lisa Ulik - Homage to Oki

Lisa Ulik Homage to Oki

Lisa Ulik's Bio

I was born in 1973, and raised in the Twin Cities. I was the first generation “off the farm” on both sides of my family. My father was a farmer turned commercial/graphic artist at a large packaging corporation in Minneapolis. I grew up watching him draw color separations for consumables like ketchup, candy, dog food, and hair products. Because of this, I developed a rather informed perspective for the commercial qualities of daily and visual information. As I developed as a student of art and artist, my interest shifted to the semiotic (language-based) nature of imagery and how it works to record history, culture, and the body. I often use elements of performance, photography, video, and the internet as part of my process in creating imagery. Part of this process includes a certain amount of play in regard to the history and gestures found within etchings, photography, film, and gendered imagery. You could say I am most interested in what compositions of the body collectively tell us... without the use of words. I attended the Minneapolis college of Art & Design, the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, and Vermont College of Fine Arts (MFA, 2010). I currently live in Wisconsin. My deck's design is based on internet imagery of skater/surfer/artist, Peggy Oki. I hope you enjoy it. Visit Lisa Ulik's Website »