Athena Lonsdale - Never Give Up

Athena Lonsdale Never Give Up

Athena Lonsdale's Bio

Medium: Photography

I’ve always been obsessed with identity. Growing up on a commune in New Mexico, living a punk girl life in my early teens, becoming a professional snowboarder in my twenties, my life has been an exploration of shifting identities and changing perspectives.

For the past years, I’ve been exploring these themes as a commercial photographer. For my clients I focus on elevating an average person’s identity — using techniques that help us see the heroic side of anyone. I love helping people feel great about being in front of the camera, and capturing a perfect moment when someone becomes more than who we thought they were.

"Never give up" - Desi Rodriguez Lonebear is a Northern Cheyenne woman who has inspired me since the day I met her at one of my first photography jobs. She is a Stanford-educated, powerful advocate for indigenous people. For this piece, I used a portrait of Desi, and added dimension and texture with background imagery that suggests her connection to the land. The quote, from her grandmother, shows us a glimpse of how this young woman has learned to lead with such power and grace.

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