BreeAnn Veenstra - Royals

BreeAnn Veenstra Royals

BreeAnn Veenstra's Bio

MEDIUM: Gouache, Silver Acrylic, Copper Acrylic

BreeAnn Veenstra is an illustrator and designer operating from her home studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her work is frequently a visual translation of her enthusiasm and love for the natural world and the wildlife inhabiting it. She draws inspiration from the perfect imperfections and textures presented in nature, such as the twisted and weathered contour lines of driftwood, and is fascinated by the subtle narratives waiting to be discovered in life's seemingly quiet moments.

Her illustration work has appeared in a range of media including editorial works, music and film cover art, stationery paper goods, and even children’s stickers. She earned a BFA in illustration from Grand Valley State University and has had work exhibited and published nationally and internationally. When she's not creating, BreeAnn enjoys backpacking, camping, and pursuing adventure in the great outdoors.



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