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MEDIUM: Acrylic / Latex / Graphite on Hand Cut Skateboard

Andrew Pommier started skateboarding at age 13 confined to the winter afflicted part of eastern Canada. Skateboard graphics and the artistically inclined pro skaters inspired him to pursue creative outlets which landed him at art school in Toronto. Art school opened the door to the world of art beyond commercial work. His artistic output since graduation has bounced between fine and commercial art. His artistic output runs a broad range from the traditional mediums to computer driven.

He’s created graphics for many skateboard companies such as Girl, Chocolate, Element and Toy Machine (to name a few) and is a long standing member of RVCA clothing’s Artist Network Program. His work has been shown in solo art exhibitions from Tokyo to Sydney to Berlin as well as having his work featured in group art shows from Vancouver to Munich to Los Angeles.

Andrew Pommier currently lives in Vancouver BC.

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