Athena Lonsdale - Ready. Set. Go.

Athena Lonsdale Ready. Set. Go.

Athena Lonsdale's Bio

MEDIUM: Photography

You could say photography was Athena Lonsdale’s very first job. Born and raised by decidedly bohemian parents in New Mexico, Athena comes from a long line of artisans and creatives. She grew up in an adobe house built by her Dad in Lorien, on a plot of land bought practically for a song. At age 10, her parents put a camera in little Athena’s hand to document a remarkable occasion—her younger sister’s birth. Photography threaded through her life over the next decade or so, through high school darkrooms during her punk-rock years to being in front of the camera for years as a professional snowboarder. Athena Photography, her own commercial advertising photo business, wasn’t born, however, until after she’d settled into a more rural life in Missoula, Montana over a decade ago. There she attended the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, and turned a life less ordinary into an extraordinary career.

Extroverted yet humble, with a calm demeanor even in the most deadline-driven environments, Athena has a knack for directing those who aren’t models to be comfortable in front of her lens. Though she’s photographed plenty of celebrity clients, seen her work on multiple billboard campaigns, and been published in magazines like National Geographic and Rolling Stone, Athena is dedicated to one principal: “to make whoever’s in front of my camera, strong.” Whether her client’s goal is to look good, highlight their project, product, an emotion, or story, Athena is right there with them as a collaborator. Her subjects are transformed in front of her camera, revealing their personal strengths and unique beauty. Athena brings her infectious DIY spirit and years of technical training and expertise to all that she does; she has many repeat customers for good reason.

When she’s not shooting, Athena can be found remodeling her home and vacation rentals, blazing trails with her Honda dirt bike, and spending time in the rivers, lakes and mountains of Missoula with her adorable, high pitched barking, tick focused dog.

If Athena remembers right, she has participated in 10 out of the 11 ON DECK’s and this year is her favorite 😉

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