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Andrea Leggitt's Bio

SaltyandSweet Design is Andrea Leggitt, currently based in Missoula, MT. With the aid of "Rosebud," her 300 lb laser cutter, Leggitt draws upon her training in Industrial Design and her upbringing trolling thrift stores in the southwest to influence her designs. Drawn to all things kitsch and vintage, Leggitt originally started SaltyandSweet in 2008 as a means to keep her mind and hands busy during a successful battle with cancer. The resulting designs have been sold worldwide and have been featured on numerous well known blogs as well as vetted for articles in publications such as BUST, Etsy’s 2012 Lookbook, and the New York Times. Leggitt continues to experiment with the capabilities of her laser cutter and strives to expand and redefine how lasers are used in art and design. She is currently obsessed with Jeff Lynne and copper.

Medium: Lasers, Gold Foil, Babes

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