Angela Anderson - Suspended

Angela Anderson Suspended

Angela Anderson's Bio

Angela Anderson is a BA candidate at The University of Montana in Missoula, Montana. Anderson is a born and raised Montanan and the youngest child of four. She credits her passion for all things in the wilderness and nature to the positive values that she was shown during her childhood and into her adolescence. In her early twenties, Anderson planned to pick up her roots and replant them in Hawaii. After her pre-moving trip to the islands, she realized that the mountains of Montana were where she belonged and started to focus her work on the wonders that the Montana wilderness offers. Now as Anderson is finishing up her education she creates drawings, prints, and paintings focusing on the enjoyment of the nature in the surrounding area. Anderson works as a kitchen designer at Lowe's. She is passionate about pursuing a career in Interior Design and plans on furthering her education in that specific area after her completion at The University of Montana.

Artist Statement:

I am a born and raised Montanan. I create paintings, drawings and prints about nature, focusing on river rocks, clouds and mountain formations. I feel a strong connection to Montana and it's landscape. Formally my work uses a neutral color pallet and weighted compositions.

Medium: Oil Paint, Screenprint & Paint Marker

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