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Amber Bushnell's Bio

Amber Bushnell finished her MFA in Media Arts (Integrated Digital Media option) at the University of Montana in May 2011. Currently, along with being an artist, she works as an online adjunct instructor for the University of Montana’s Media Arts Department, a freelance designer, and works full-time as the Graphic Artist/Designer for the University of Montana's College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Bushnell’s focuses and interests are in illustration, color theory, installations, experience design, live visual performance (VJing), 3D projection mapping, animation, public art, interactive design, and collaboration.  Her work combines digital and analog art methods, and she pays close attention to color.  Bushnell weaves scientific, historic and cultural details within each of her designs in an abstract style. Throughout her on going projects she strives to give viewers an experience, and hopes to positively influence them by initiating discovery and curiosity.

Her work has been presented internationally including Brooklyn, NY, Seoul, South Korea, Lisbon, Portugal, Cal State Fullerton, CA, Digital Graffiti Festival in Alys Beach, Florida (2010 & 2011), and a number of times in Missoula, MT including the Missoula Art Museum, Wilma Theatre, The Historic Missoula Mercantile (Macy’s Building), International Wild Life Film Festival, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, and First Night Missoula.

As a live visual performer (VJ) Bushnell regularly performs along side Missoula’s BassFace Krew (BFK) Artist Collective. She’s also performed with/at Artini at the Missoula Art Museum with Bach's Elder, Disco Blood Bath (Missoula, MT 2010, 2011, & 2012), Symbiotic Circus at the Wilma (Feb 2012, Missoula, MT), Missoula Winter Brew Fest 2013, Zoo City Music Awards 2013, Random Rab, HULK, Sluggo, JRabbit, Broken Note, and Mexicans with Guns.

25% of this board’s final bid will go to THE MAX WAVE, a future river surf park and Missoula’s newest river enhancement project (

Medium: Acrylic, pen, pencil, gold leaf pen & acid free archival glitter coating

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