Mark Mellon - Vuipus

Mark Mellon Vuipus

Mark Mellon's Bio

In Mark M Mellon’s work he explores the condition of man. Of our past, present, future and the connections between harmony and the universe.

His Style is a mash up of surrealism, abstraction and primitive art, merging the three into an unlikely harmony that when on display demands the audience’s attention and creates imaginative conversation.

Mellon is a self made artist. Opting to stay away from art schools after being accepted into the School of Visual arts in New York. He decided that the disciplines of being an artist is something you experience and not something that can be taught. With vigilance he spent the last 15 years independently studying not only art, mythology, sociology and history, among other things, making his success accountable only to him.

Mr. Mellon currently resides in Las Vegas, NV. where he works out of his home studio.

Medium: Acrylic / Charcoal

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