Lorin Pope - Untitled

Lorin Pope Untitled

Lorin Pope's Bio

I have been interested in art since I was really young girl.   Although I do not draw for a living, I do quite a lot of it at home in my own time. Usually using inks, wood burners, stains, markers, and/or acrylics.   Back in the day I look back and remember how much I loved skateboarding. At one point I loved it so much I even built my own longboard press and started making my own.  As time went on, a bum knee showed up preventing the further exploration in my skateboarding mission.  That missing link in my life is what inspired me to do this project.  Because I know and understand how important it is for kids and everyone to have a safe place to play and enjoy their passions.

Medium: Wood Burning & Stain

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