Inga Guzyte - Snow Buddy

Inga Guzyte Snow Buddy

Inga Guzyte's Bio

Medium: Recycled Skateboards

Inga Guzyte makes sculptures using old or broken skateboards she collects from skaters and skate shops. Fearless with a bandsaw and nail gun, her tools help her bring new life into old boards, making something both creatively intriguing and yet something entirely of her own. For Inga it’s all about the process.

First she cuts the board into different shapes. Then she starts layering and nailing them together. With the skateboard pieces all laid out and looking like a puzzle, she organizes them into something of a sculpture. With original marks and scratches of the board still intact, they feel aged with an urban look that is both new and old. By hand Inga draws characters onto the decks, making them read like a story. The three dimensional layers are like pages of your favorite book, with every board telling it’s own story.

All of Inga’s sculptures have an “out of the box” shape that represents a free spirit and creative way of life. These boards are meant to be around people, with their story and style emitting an energy that is both positive and uplifting. It’s the essence of all her work.

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