Jack Metcalf - Wee

Jack Metcalf Wee

Jack Metcalf's Bio

Medium: Screenprint, Resin, Wood, Found Object

Jack Metcalf is an American artist, educator, bartender, director, producer, activist, philanthropist and businessman. After starting his career as an extra with television appearances on Dawson Creek in the early 2000s, Metcalf achieved recognition for his role as an artist in the mid-2000s.

Jack Metcalf grew up in the coastal Southeast, earning a BFA from East Carolina University and an MFA from The University of Montana. His innovative and collaborative approach to printmaking and teaching printmaking has led him to work with Spontaneous Construction, Total Fest, Festival of the Dead, and Bare Bait Dance Company, among other local organizations. He is currently an adjunct professor at The University of Montana, where he teaches foundations and printmaking.

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