OnDeck FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ON DECK?

On Deck is an art auction created in 2005 by the Missoula Skatepark Association as a way to raise money for the construction and on-going maintenance of Missoula’s MOBASH skatepark.

How does the auction work?

Every year, the MSA receives donations of blank skateboards that the distributor cannot sell due to imperfections. The MSA sends those boards out to selected artists around the country. Each artist customizes the blank deck using whatever medium they choose, and then sends it back to the MSA by a given deadline. Once photos are taken of the completed decks, they are uploaded to the MSA’s Web site and the online segment of the auction begins. After being online for a certain length of time, usually around two weeks, online bidding is turned off. At that point, all of the bids are transferred to a live art show / auction held at a gallery in Missoula, Montana where bidding continues until a specified time.

What is the starting bid price for the decks?

The MSA starts the bidding on all boards at $100.

What if I can’t attend, but want to bid on a deck during the live auction?

If you won’t be able to attend the auction, but want to bid, or continue bidding after the online portion has ended, you should arrange ahead of time to have someone bid on your behalf. If necessary, you can call the MSA (406-207-2691) and we will arrange for one of our volunteers to place bids on your behalf during the live auction.

What does the MSA do with decks that don’t sell in the auction?

Every year, at the end of the auction, there are a few decks that have not sold. The MSA tries to sell these decks at the Edge of the World skate shop or at other establishments around town. If you are the artist of a deck that did not sell and would like to have the deck returned, you can pick it up after the auction or have the MSA ship it to you. The artist is responsible for all shipping and handling charges.

Can I do a deck for the auction?

As the ON DECK art auction continues to grow, more and more people want to get involved. We love this, and are happy to have people interested in the show. However, because the MSA receives a limited number of donated skate decks every year, we cannot supply every interested artist with a deck. If you are interested in being included in the show, you should contact the MSA and we will add your name to the Interested Artist list. All participating artists are the decision of the MSA.

How can I pay for the board if I am the high bidder?

The MSA accepts cash, local checks and credit card payments. Payment is due at the time the auction is over and must be made before the deck can be taken or shipped.

Is the purchase price of the deck tax deductible?

Yes. The MSA is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization and any contributions are tax deductible. Our tax ID number is 82-0583110.

Who pays for the shipping and handling of the deck if it needs to be shipped?

The winning bidder is responsible for all shipping and handling charges incurred. This includes taxes and brokerage fees if shipping to a country outside the U.S.

I’m an artist and I want to get involved…How can I creat a deck?

We’re stoked that so many people like this show and want to get involved. Check out our ongoing Call To Artists page that is updated throughout the year with more detailed information about how to get involved in our annual event.