Troy Evans - Toxic Flamethrower

Troy Evans Toxic Flamethrower

Troy Evans's Bio

"Work is work, until it becomes an art." Troy Evans

Honesty and simplicity characterize the work of Troy Evans. Utilizing reclaimed wood, exotic wood, metals, paints, marble dust, silver dust, and other natural resources , he designs and sculpts with strong simple lines that carry a bold masculine strength edged with the aura of Moorish architecture. Rather than rely on trends, he finds inspiration from a driving creative force within himself. He has timber-framed houses. built curved stairway, created focal pieces for commercial businesses and dealt in rare art (0-1480 a.d.).

While in high school Evans began working as a carpenter during the summers. Starting in 1989 he received the distinction of serving as an apprentice with a master woodworker for six years in Charleston, South Carolina's Historical District. After completing the apprenticeship, he continued his work in wood, building five curved stairways before his 25th birthday. In 1999 he partnered in a business of preservation, collecting, and trade of medieval sculptures and old masters paintings. In 2003 and 2004 Troy's work was accepted in the juried show at the Western Design Conference in Cody Wyoming. In 2004 , he designed and built the bar and furniture in the new Walker's restaurant in Billings. For which the Billings Association of Architects awarded him "Craftsman of the Year".

"Contemporary Western Designs" published his work in 2005. In 2009 he completed commissions forGeneral Electric and The Montana Partnership, in addition to having a one -man show at Rockey Mountain College the same year. Dr. Cindy Kittredge invited Troy to participate in the Montana Arts Counsel's MAP program in 2010 ; and in May of 2011 he had another one man show at the L-Design Gallery in Billings , MT. He was selected to attend the MAC "Tour of Excellence" to The Western Design Conference in September of 2011 in Jackson, Wyo. December of 2011, Steve Jackson the curator of , The Museum of the Rockies,invited Evans to a show from October of 2012 to March of 2013. The show will include the Northwest's finest artisans of wood and metal sculptural furnishings.

" I never find the energy to create - The energy finds me.
When the floodgates of creativity are opened, I cannot stop the flow.
There are times this creative flow is not convenient-other times it is my
Life’s nutrient.

I feed off art’s nutrition- and with it hope to feed those not aware of the
Hunger in their soul.

Art can grab individuals unexpectedly.
Art can hold the embraced.
Some individuals may not give art it’s “due” recognition.
Others will saturate art with responsibilities undeserved.

I look to find the Honest Line.
I search for the simple-
The simplest of Lines are the most sophisticated.
To find those Lines have become my life’s ambition.”

A quote from fellow woodworker Jean Neisham: "Troy, I really like the 'randomness' in your designs... it's refreshing and relaxing. It's like watching a campfire... the random,flickering flames don't allow the mind to make associations with past experiences and to me , that's relaxing and refreshing."

Medium: Flame(fire) Charred, Montana Colors 94 Graffiti Spray Cans, & Red Dye Toner

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