Shelley Trask - Made in Taiwan

Shelley Trask Made in Taiwan

Shelley Trask's Bio

I grew up as an only child with two working parents in Laguna Hills, CA, at a
time where most people had brown shag carpeting, mirrored dining rooms, and my
neighbor down the street lived in the identical floor plan as I did. I wanted out from
day one, which can be confirmed by the claw marks on the inside of my mother’s
uterus. I was alone most of my childhood, but I was rarely bored.

When I was small, I escaped suburbia by filling my head with stories
from children’s books. More important to me than their words, were the books’
illustrations. I loved to run my fingers over the pages of line and color. I was curious
about each book’s unique identity – some smelled sour and sharp; others, sweet
and flowery. Each had its own sound when the pages were turned; even the pages’
textures revealed a book’s age and history. These books were my escape and they
often inspired me to create my own drawings and paintings. I became empowered by
the idea that through reading and drawing I could create my own unique world.

I moved to Oakland, CA in 2002 with a degree in Fine Art in Drawing and
Painting. I find myself driven to create; to assemble and collect; to make better the
world around me. I paint and reupholster found furniture. I make silver jewelry. I
assemble artwork and found objects throughout my home to curate my own creative
space. Not much has changed since childhood. My interests lie in fine craftsmanship,
the details of the natural world, woodworking, gold leafing, insects, striped socks,
shoe collecting, dachshunds, daydreaming, sea life, terrariums, succulents, Asia,
oddities and curiosities. I find it nearly unavoidable not to create in some way each
day, even if the results are only seen by me.

I’m secretly jealous of people who can ride a skateboard.

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