Shannon “Shaz” Justice - Alienna

Shannon “Shaz” Justice Alienna

Shannon “Shaz” Justice's Bio

Hi everyone! I'm Shannon Rene' Justice (but you can call me "Shaz", everyone else does!) of Lollipop Labs Studios. I am also the founder of the amazing nonprofit artisan community, The indiExhibit! I was pretty much born with a pencil in my hand and have been drawing ever since. I've been a full time designer since 2007 and have been tackling just about every project thrown at me since then. I love all things dark and creepy, but also fun and whimsical. I wrap all of those things together and poof, you have my style. I adore Tim Burton and he has been a huge inspiration of mine. It is my dream to one day work with him. I am also a proud member of the ArtsProjekt group and through them I was chosen to help Sony ATV launch their official APxSONY Lyrical Inspirations Official Collection.


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