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Ryan Winch Glacier National Park

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MEDIUM: Oil Paint

Hello, My name is Ryan M. Winch and I am based in the San Francisco bay area, just down the street from the PIXAR studios. I enjoy using several different “traditional” mediums from gouache to markers although most of my finished work is done digitally. For this piece I used oil on white gesso. Commonly, I do Illustrations and Visual Development designs, but for this I decided to take the Montana landscape and interpret the colors. My goal was to keep the saturation of color high (i.e. leave it as untouched by brown, black and white as possible) making the piece vibrant. I work intuitively and loosely after I decide on what will make the warm and cool colors. As you can see I chose orange and blue. I love to paint skateboards, but for the sake of time I do “mini” paintings (about 3x3 inches) in order to keep my skills fresh. You can see more of my work on my blog or instagram.

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