Random Cushing - Yah Kuza

Random Cushing Yah Kuza

Random Cushing's Bio

Medium: Marker

I am a 24 ¾ year old male artist currently based out of El Paso, Texas. I am the son of nomadic biologists, moving across 10 states and 3 countries. Random is my birth name, which seem to have been prophetic, as well as prompting about 80% of people I meet to immediately blurt “that’s random.” Still worth it.

My artwork is pop cartoon, born from animation, comics, and the occasional dip into ‘fine art’. I aim for novelty on the line of commercial and obscure. Animals and architecture are major themes for me; the simultaneousness of humans and nature.

“Art is a by-product of my life, and the better life I lead the better art I make.”

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