Erin Haworth - Circling the Blues

Erin Haworth Circling the Blues

Erin Haworth's Bio

Erin Haworth was introduced to the art of mosaics in 2005 and was immediately inspired to begin her journey into the mosaic world. Unable to find any formal classes nearby, Erin harnessed the power of books and the internet and became involved with an amazing group of artist who serve as mentors and offer much of the inspiration on her individual path with mosaics. As a self-taught artist she is continuously exploring new techniques and styles. Fascinated by the vast amount of diversity that exist within the art form, she explores working with several different types of mediums but primarily uses glass. She loves the range of color options and the effect natural light has on the piece. Erin has been a member of SAMA (Society of American Mosaic Artist) since 2008. She has participated in local art shows such as the UC Arts Festival and The Missoula Made Fair. She participated in the ON DECK Skate Deck Art Auction in 2010 and her mosaic work was featured in 2007 in The Mosaic Art Yearbook. To see more of her work you can visit or You will also find her this summer at the Missoula Farmers Market. Visit Erin Haworth's Website »