Eric Hancock - Captain of the Woods

Eric Hancock Captain of the Woods

Eric Hancock's Bio

You want something to go with your words? Ask Eric to draw it. He's worked for a wide range of clients including individuals like yourself.  An illustrator born and educated in the original dairy state with a BFA in Illustration. Venturing playfully into worlds of magical realism, the work is heavily influenced by classic fairy tales and mythologies as well as components of cinema. From his earliest memories begging his mother to take him to see Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi standing eye level with a table covered in movie listings, a table which he draws on to this day. Currently working from a modest apartment in the heart of suburban Milwaukee, Eric continues to visualize all the fantastic and mundane worlds his brain can squeeze out for editorials, narrative stories and advertisements. On some occasions with the paint, most times with the pencil. Illustration Blog:

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