Eric Hancock - Pucker Up

Eric Hancock Pucker Up

Eric Hancock's Bio

MEDIUM: Acrylic

Eric Hancock is an illustrator from Wisconsin. As he takes many walks finding small, nearly imperceptible beauty in the details of the world: between the birds challenging each other for territory, moss and lichen growing over a wide reaching variety of surfaces, the angles of urban structure finding purchase between the structures of nature’s, and the deliciousness of eating food.

It is from these moments Eric creates. His aim is to inspire those touched through his art to slow down and take respite while reflecting on who and where we are. Set down technology and enjoy the craftsmanship of nature. Honor its place and how we wouldn’t be where we are in this moment if not supported, for better or worse, from our history.

Let a small piece of the world unfurl naturally…

He also finds inspiration while drawing and painting commissioned narratives of peoples’ animals. You can connect with him at his website and through many social media connections using @roguemeat. Rogue Meat is inspired by his elderly pug who will do anything (anything…) for a piece of ham.

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