David Habben - Brace Face

David Habben Brace Face

David Habben's Bio

David Habben BIO: (drawing and digital art)  Born in Oregon, raised in Idaho, and educated in Utah, David Habben has enjoyed the adventure of living and learning in new environments. Traveling as far away as Melbourne, Australia as a missionary and spending time working with companies on both American coasts has given him a chance to see and appreciate some of the wonderful people and cultures of the world. He is skilled in the use of traditional and digital media, creating illustrations for a wide variety of uses. His projects include editiorial and children's book illustration, apparel design, storyboards, advertisment, logo design, and interactive design. David’s personal works of art are symbolic in nature and often address issues that all individuals confront as we strive to apply eternal gospel principles and maintain the spirit in our mortal lives.  Some of his recent works tell the stories of the restoration through visual expressions which engage the viewer through compelling symbols, compositions, and contemporary media. Visit David Habben's Website »