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Medium: Acrylic

Within humanity and the individual mind stirs threads of connectivity including a desire to control our social systems, habitat, future and fears. Opposing that is the ego and the unrelenting internal struggle that obstructs progression. Through art I am free to pendulate between absolutes that define us such as optimism and pessimism, boldness and obscurity, pragmatism and spirituality, creation and destruction. I'm metaphorically exploring these interwoven polarities using the human figure, arterial botanic city-like organisms, fractal growth, bandages, volatile energy clusters and a host of ever-growing imagery. Socially, my lens has always been focused on outcasts
and outsiders and I enjoy taking grotesque liberties with the human form to express their vulnerabilities. My hope is to provoke an internal exploration of the dualities within as well as those of our general human nature.

I was born in Reno, Nevada in 1978 and received my BFA in Denver, Colorado in 2000. I have since worked incessantly as a painter, illustrator, designer, occasional curator, and creative resource. San Francisco, California is home.

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