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MEDIUM: Wood Burner

A Zen potter creates a thousand pots and then destroys them all. By the thousandth pot he can create any pot that he wants. To destroy is to create. To create is to destroy.

Chris Bodily has been illustrating under the pseudonym Hatrobot for over ten years. His work is not about elegance or perfection, it's about honesty. His fluid line work is raw, unpolished, and surreal. Rather than hiding his mistakes, he embraces them. His illustrations are psychological self portraits covered in fingerprints of heartbreak and madness.

Taiwanese online pop magazine niunews writes, "A child you're afraid of the monster? Fantasy is not used, the the Muppet rats and other small things mutation Cheng Kung monster, you sleep soundly attacked

How about you? The illustrator Hatrobot loves biological deformed appearance, his painting has always been full of funny, exaggerated cartoon style. In recent works, he draw wild runaway with numerous lines and gentle color, has a lovely face monster, it also tells the interesting story behind different monster."

Somewhere between novelty and tragedy Chris's work is scribbled out like an illegible love letter from the end of the world, "Maher-shalal-hash-baz, destruction is imminent."

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