BreeAnn Veenstra - Kings Upon the Main

BreeAnn Veenstra Kings Upon the Main

BreeAnn Veenstra's Bio

MEDIUM: India Ink, Copper Paint

BreeAnn Veenstra has spent the majority of her life engrossed with the natural world and the wild creatures inhabiting it. Having grown up in a family of outdoorsmen and artists, she was inspired by the wonders and delights of the natural world and started merging them with her art at an early age. She continuously draws inspiration from the organic lines and perfect imperfections presented in nature, and believes that there is a deep, inherent connection between the human condition and the earth we occupy.

She received her BFA in Illustration from Grand Valley State University and has been working as a freelance illustrator since. Her work has appeared in a range of media from editorial works, CD and DVD cover art, web design, and even children’s stickers. She has had work exhibited in the Society of Illustrators Student Competition, received recognition from Creative Quarterly, and has had work published nationally and internationally in CMYK Magazine, ImagineFX, and Ikarie Magazine.

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