Zack Spannagel Memorial Fund

Zack Spannagel Memorial Fund

On November 14, 2015 members of the Montana Skatepark Association (MSA) lost a close friend who will always be near and dear to our hearts and everything we work to accomplish. Although a lifelong friend to all of us, Zack Spannagel was more than that. He was a father figure, mentor, sounding board and source of inspiration. He dared to take his own path. He risked. He won. He lost. He lived. He laughed. And in the process he altered the course of the lives of many kids in western Montana and beyond.

At a time when snowboarding and skateboarding cultures were barely beginning  to enter the vocabulary of households in Missoula, MT (and all of America for that matter), Zack took a leap of faith and brought these worlds that only existed in magazines to our small town by opening a shop in 1989 called Board of Missoula with his buddy Dan Gavere. With barely more than a snowboard, some stickers and some clothes for sale, he became the proverbial fork in the road for every “grom” that walked into that store. Rather than filling the air with intimidation or a “too cool” attitude, Zack opened his mind and his heart to every kid that opened the door. Because of who he was – and who he was not – countless lives were changed. Among those lives are almost every member of the Montana Skatepark Association. Simply stated, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Zack paving the way.

To honor and celebrate the memory of our friend Zack Spannagel, the Spannagel family would appreciate your support in helping to carry on his legacy. All donations made to the MSA in the memory of Zack Spannagel will work to make a positive impact on future generations in Zack’s name.



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