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What are you guys trying to do?

The Montana Skatepark Association (MSA) helps Montana communities establish skateboard parks and skateboard program development with the goal of creating additional recreational opportunities and positive alternatives for its residents and underprivileged youth.

We are a unique organization because we are all skaters and skate enthusiasts. We have the unique skill set that allows us to help communities negotiate the seemingly countless details involved in skatepark construction and programming. We know what works, what doesn’t and where we’ve seen other projects go wrong. We’re passionate about the free, recreational opportunities that skateparks provide.

Please contact us if your Montana community is interested in building a free, concrete skatepark or if you need assistance in developing programming for an existing skatepark.

Montana Skatepark Video

Because we realize that images can speak louder than words, please click on the link below to watch a video that features testimonials about our
history, success and goals.

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