Want to submit a piece of artwork for the 2018 OnDeck 11 show?

We are looking for artists who want to put their art to work. The ON DECK Art Auction is a Montana Skatepark Association fundraiser combining art and skateboarding. The goal is to help Montana Communities build free, public, concrete skateparks.

How ON DECK Works:

  • The MSA puts out a nation wide call to artists.
  • Artists interested in being considered for the ON DECK Art Auction submit their name, contact information and a web address that displays their work.
  • A limited number of artists are chosen by MSA Board members to participate in the ON DECK Art Auction.
  • Chosen artists receive a blank skate deck in the mail to design as they see fit and return to the MSA. Blank decks are mailed out each year and are due back to the MSA (TBD).
  • Just in case we need to track you down. We'll keep it between us.
  • If you're picked...we need to know where to send the deck!
  • Enter any online web address (URL) that will lead us to your work!