Trevor Parr - Untitled

Trevor Parr Untitled

Trevor Parr's Bio

MEDIUM: Bic Ecolutions 7mm Click Pencil

“Look at that ass!”

This melodic phrase can often be heard echoing down the streets of Missoula following a sighting of the High Heeled Boot Wearing, Tightly Clad Masked Bandit on a Fixed Gear, known as none other than Parrticle.

Born in Great Falls in 1975, Trevor Parr graduated from Montana State in Bozeman with a degree in Studio Arts.

After suffering a near fatal bike accident and recovering from the resulting coma in 2005, his art style solidified into what it is today: unmistakeable, fascinating, organic, and highly desirable. Humans frequently travel across the country to obtain a signature, free handed piece on various mediums, typically skin.

However, this Creature eagerly anticipates creative opportunities to create pieces such as the one before you!

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