Tom Dewar - Another Dead Trans Am

Tom Dewar Another Dead Trans Am

Tom Dewar's Bio

Artist Tom Dewar grew up in a landscape full of old dead cars. His father, a car shop owner, often tinkered a 1941 Ford, a 1947 Oldsmobile Rocket and a 1922 Dodge with original wood-spoked wheels, all of which sat out on the family's four-acre riverfront property on the outskirts of Great Falls, Montana. His dad's primary car was a 1941 Ford Convertible he bought in high school and it was always the family's main mode of transportation. In fact, Dewar drew old cars when he was in kindergarten. Even after he went off to school at the University of Montana for printmaking, old cars continued to be a main focus of his work. Dewar moved to Seattle in 1999, but his three years in Missoula left an indelible mark on the artist, who was a regular at the old Jay's Upstairs rock shows. Some of Dewar's most cherished poster art was created for Missoula events and bands, including stylized flyers for the likes of Volumen, the International Playboys and the Oblio Joes, and several posters for the annual local music extravaganza, Total Fest, that incorporated his signature classic car imagery.
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