Stephanie Reiman - Transmission

Stephanie Reiman Transmission

Stephanie Reiman's Bio

I was born and raised in Helena, Montana and graduated from Helena High School in 2011. I was always interested in the arts, but it was not until my Senior year of high school that I was able to take actual art classes. I am now a sophomore attending The University of Montana and working towards a bachelor's degree in Fine Art and a minor in Media Arts.

Most of my work sets a focus on the humble detail of objects. I look to outdated machines, buildings, and time for inspiration, and find the small things that make those antiquated objects timelessly beautiful such as knobs, gears, mechanism, architecture, and story. I see the structure of a piece in the small bits of information that are not noticed at first glance. The details of a work bring it to life and push the piece one step farther.

Medium: Oil Paint / Pen Ink

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