Nicole King - Sir Fox Alot

Nicole King Sir Fox Alot

Nicole King's Bio

MEDIUM: Acrylic

My work is a tribute to animals for their beauty, magnificence, and the blessings they provide in my life. I gravitate to animals, as they are a significant part of my life, comparable to guardian angels, providing guidance in troubling times and celebrating great times with unyielding gravitas. My father has a safari park, which is where I started photographing animals to capture their beauty and elegant nature. I then started combining my love for patterns & colors transforming these animals into pieces of art. My work presents the unique, complex, and vulnerable creatures with backgrounds textured, layered, and patterned to express the unique characteristics of that particular animal.

Animals bring joy, laughter, and loyalty to my life. They are endowed with unique strengths, natural beauty, and an always vulnerable, yet, assertive personality. My work is a celebration of the beauty and the joy animals bring to all beings. Each piece is a combination of beautiful patterns & rich textures to create a unique vision of the beauty and splendor of that animal.

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