Nathan Spoor - Progressions

Nathan Spoor Progressions

Nathan Spoor's Bio

MEDIUM: Acrylic

Nathan Spoor is an artist, author and curator living in Los Angeles, CA, whose work is highly regarded by several prestigious collections and publications worldwide. Spoor is Head of Curation for Society6, as well as the Producer / Editor of the Society6 Art Quarterly.

Spoor’s paintings involve images of transition and growth; fluid narratives that chronicle a world rich with the mystery, joy, pain, and delicate balance of personal and spiritual evolution. A practitioner and student of Suggestivism, Spoor is working on an open-ended, organic and personal series of works entitled ‘The Intimate Parade’, begun in 2002. Spoor believes that continuous study of technique and process are critical to his own growth as an artist. No image or canvas is too precious to wipe, repaint, and even burn on his own journey to discovery and expression. In this way, Spoor makes a personal and transformative connection with each piece that for him lives on beyond the finished works.

With a writing style that shows an impressive passion and understanding of the arts in context, Spoor continues to bring challenging and informative text on contemporary art to the forefront of culture. Spoor authored the evocative contemporary art volumes, ‘Suggestivism’ (2011) and ‘Masterworks – Defining the New Narrative’ (2014), which document and identify a selection of the primary artists involved in the new narrative being created in contemporary art.

Spoor has also been sought out to pen feature articles for such internationally acclaimed publications and publishers as Hi Fructose, BL!SSS, Juxtapoz, Gingko Press, Long Beach Museum of Art, Grand Central Press and The Surfer’s Journal.

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