Michelle Kondrich - Barnum & Bailey: After Hours

Michelle Kondrich Barnum & Bailey: After Hours

Michelle Kondrich's Bio

Illustrator extraordinaire, Michelle Kondrich, has been sketching and drafting, shading and crosshatching ever since she was a young tot. She fondly remembers doodling with a pencil twice her size. Beneath the boughs of a red maple, she created a children’s book dummy called “Fluffer the Rabbit” and sent it to Golden Books along with a letter showcasing her renowned penmanship.

Michelle studied Studio Art at Hastings College in Nebraska, cut her teeth at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, and promoted the heck out of clothing designer, Eileen Fisher Inc. in New York City. In 2009, she turned her passion and talent for illustration and design into freelancing gold. She has shown work in both Los Angeles and New York City and has had illustrations appear in The Deli Magazine in New York City and will have an illustration in the May issue of HOW Magazine. Haunted by pen and ink and the ghost of crosshatchings past, Michelle’s work has a gentle humor and a feverish curiosity. You can find Michelle's work at http://www.michellekondrich.com and prints of her work are available at http://www.society6.com/studio/michellekondrich Visit Michelle Kondrich's Website »