Mark Damrel - Ride the Beast

Mark Damrel Ride the Beast

Mark Damrel's Bio

MEDIUM: Spray Paint, Acrylic, Ink

I'm a born and raised San Jose CA native.  As a kid I used to draw a lot with my brother and cousin.  We would make these ninja fighting scenes that would span 5-8 letter sized papers scotch taped together.  They would depict hidden lairs and ninja stars being thrown at jet fighters above.  I loved drawing then and still do today.  I've spent my years since then working my way into a career in architecture, while maintaining  a real passion for art that sometimes is hindered by a bad habit of procrastination.

I began to get more serious about painting and exhibiting work fairly recently.  Around 2007 I had my first show and have been creating on a semi-regular basis ever since.  I'm primarily self taught, having had a few minor art courses during college.  I tend to work on wood or paper using acrylic, spray paint, ink, matte medium and sometimes collage.  My process varies depending on the work.  I don't push an idea through art, I let them come to me as I put down marks, usually not knowing what the final goal is until I feel it's done.  I am inspired by my family, weird humor, uncomfortable silence and awkwardness, among many other things. I basically create images that I enjoy, and sometimes put them out in the world to see if others enjoy them too.

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