Larkin Matoon - Now Who's The Whore?

Larkin Matoon Now Who's The Whore?

Larkin Matoon's Bio

MEDIUM: Digital

Larkin Matoon is a Montana-born multimedia artist specializing in stencils and digital illustration. Raised on Marvel comics and skate videos, his education stretches from the curbs of downtown Great Falls to the Media arts building at the University of Montana where he graduated in 2016.

Originally a pencil and pen artist, his love of street art brought him to the world of stenciling which is how the website began. After shooting a few personal music videos, he attended the UofM to learn about shooting film, animation, UI/UX and website design.
Now, after years of stenciling and modifying other’s work, he is attempting to marry all these elements by returning back to the pen/pencil and introduce original drawings to the digital world. He is the creator of 28rzrs and its sister site where he reviews films.

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