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Joseph Griffith 2 Gwarbiz Pizza

Joseph Griffith 2's Bio

MEDIUM: Digital & Acrylic

Joseph Griffith is an artist from Yorktown, Virginia who specializes in painting and sculpting using a combination of traditional and digital methods. He has an MFA in Visual Effects from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Pop culture, religion, and history are common influences in his work.

This scene is a surreal combination of two of my most memorable live music experiences - GWAR and Showbiz Pizza. The artwork was completed the weekend that Dave Brockie passed away so sadly he never got a chance to see it. In memoriam, 10% of the deck's sale price will be donated to the newly-formed Dave Brockie Foundation, a charity fund with the mission of promoting the advancement of music, images, letters and performances in the arts.

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