John Fellows - Ever Higher

John Fellows Ever Higher

John Fellows's Bio

Medium: Wood Carving and Ink

John Fellows’ signature “contemporary folk” style weaves together layers of found paper, graphic block prints and handwritten text to create an old time, hands-on feel. he collects a variety of found paper, maps and books dating from the 1880’s to the present to create unique linoleum carving collages that while at the very base reflect his personal experiences, are more like a brief glimpse into someone else’s story.

For his work, John draws inspiration from his travels and adventures to places such as the Swiss and French Alps, sailing Baja and the Caribbean, rafting the Grand Canyon as well as running around the mountains of his home state of Colorado. Grizzled mountain men, salty sailors, stormy seas and rugged mountains layered on used nautical charts and topographic maps draw the viewer in and hopefully trigger memories of their own past travels and experiences.

John Fellows currently lives and works in Denver, Colorado. He travels constantly and spends much of his time in the outdoors, both of which impact his work.

John has shown work in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, and around the US.

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