Jeff Ament - MPS 1

Jeff Ament MPS 1

Jeff Ament's Bio

MEDIUM: MPS Original Art Skateboard Donated by Jeff Ament. Art by Chris Saunders

Jeff Ament is the son of a barber/farmer/Mayor of Big Sandy, Montana, a lifelong skater (he built his first skateboard ramp in Big Sandy in 1976) and founding bassist for Pearl Jam. He spent two years at the University of Montana, where he studied art, skated the local banks, and played basketball. Jeff eventually left school with his hardcore band, Deranged Diction, for Seattle, and soon formed proto-grunge band Green River, Mother Love Bone, then Pearl Jam. Through twenty-five years, ten studio albums, and countless tours, Pearl Jam has stayed involved with many social and political projects. Jeff has been helping fund skatepark projects in his native Montana and beyond for a decade and a half, along with many arts and activity-based programs through Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation and his own foundation, Montana Pool Service. It is his dream to have a skateboard park in every town and city in Montana.