Jacob A Brooks - Trinity & The Fallen

Jacob A Brooks Trinity & The Fallen

Jacob A Brooks's Bio

Jacob A Brooks is an artist based out of Jacksonville, FL specializing in bright, vibrant art. He works in a number of mediums, but is best know for his work with paint pens.

Jacob spent his childhood on the outskirts of Atlanta amid a backdrop of tattoo parlors, Harley rallies, and Super Bike races. After highschool he moved to Murfreesboro, TN, a college town just outside of Nashville. There he attended MTSU and studied Recording Industry Management. There he spent his time as an engineer in the school studios, playing in various bands, jamming with all sorts of musicians, and putting art on anything that would hold still long enough. After college he packed his bags and headed to sunny Florida, where he began his love affair with the Atlantic. He now spends his time soaking in the sun and creating art. All of these influences have culminated themselves into a unique style.

Medium: Paintpen

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