Eric Hancock - Reverse Vertical Fakie

Eric Hancock Reverse Vertical Fakie

Eric Hancock's Bio

MEDIUM: Acrylic

Is there an image you’d be interested in seeing from words? Eric is able to translate it into pictures. Working hard to sculpt graphite on paper detailing many unique textures and shapes with the aim to join other talented artists in the galleries, on the walls, and inside printed pages.

Ostracized from Green Bay for disinterest in football, Eric is an illustrator born and educated in the original dairy state with a degree in Illustration from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Visualizing all the fantastic and mundane worlds his brain can squeeze out for narrative driven traditional pieces that focus on craftsmanship and a steady, detail-oriented approach. Pencil plus paper. Reading audio books fill the room as the delicate scent of battery operated pencil sharpeners narrow the tips of poppy red pencils. Zoning out looking over the neighbors roofs as nuisance squirrels run off with the tended citrus fruits from our porch garden in turn venturing playfully into worlds of magical realism. The work is heavily influenced by classic fairy tales, mythologies, cryptozoology, and components of classic and contemporary cinema. From his earliest memories begging his mother to take him to see Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi standing eye level with a table covered in movie listings, a table which he draws on to this day. Literally draws on the surface of this table.

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