Craig McCollum - Escher Rocket

Craig McCollum Escher Rocket

Craig McCollum's Bio

MEDIUM: Wood Veneering - Classic Pintail with 16 species of wood

Photographer and carpenter, Craig McCollum, launched McCollum Custom Longboards in 2010 to combine his woodworking skill and passion for the outdoors.  Last winter, powdersurfers were added to the enterprise to unleash boarding pleasure year-round.  Craig handcrafts the artisanal longboards and powdersurfers from his home in Missoula, Montana.  Touted as the ‘best in the west’ by board enthusiasts, the all wood, specially designed decks give new meaning to the term ‘performance art.’  When not working, Craig and his son, Hunter, cycle, carve, and shred as they explore the countryside.

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